This is not a  message for tomorrow this is a message for today. You, if you didn’t already know it, are running a media company.  As soon as we introduced marketing to our businesses we already were in the content producing business, however, it is only with today’s technology and the reduced barriers to entry (no TV studio time required when you have a camera and editing suite in your pocket) that the true level of the opportunity has become clear. Whatever your business you are expected to produce content and at scale. Good companies are producing content daily, often multiple times a day and on different platforms requiring a different format. It is overwhelming but it also provides the greatest ROI when done well.

If you are now a media company, and you are, employee branding becomes part of that mix. Imagine you are Sky TV – employer branding is one of your channels. Employer branding is separate from other media you produce. Potential employees should be treated as potential customers however they are not buying your product or service they are buying a career and paying with their skills and time. Employee branding is often ignored because it involved producing yet more content from the overworked marketing team who focus on selling more product/service than attracting customers, this is unwise. Employer branding is an investment Good employer branding means you are able to attract better talent, more efficiently and for a reduced cost.

Key points to consider:

  1. Employer branding must be honest. Attracting people to work for you under an illusion just means you will increase staff turnover. People may join for the illusion but will leave very quickly
  2. Look externally for what is desirable. Companies often focus on what they think makes their company great. This may not be what is important to external candidates. A common mistake is to focus on exciting extracurricular activities; the annual BBQ or trip to the races but if I am considering joining you I would like to know about how you will develop my career.
  3. Focus on what makes you unique. Telling me about your break out areas, office dogs and Fussball table in the technology business sector is about as unique as having doors with handles. everyone has these things now and outside of university first jobbers people aren’t that impressed (free beer Fridays still holds some interest though!)
  4. Good employer branding is about engagement. Employer branding is not simply shouting your virtues it is about listening. I would always advocate setting up jobs or work for our pages on social media platforms dedicated to just employer branding. This allows you to monitor these pages more closely and therefore build genuine relationships
  5. Don’t just focus on online activity. There will be opportunities to engage face to face which is still the most powerful method of attracting the right candidates. Start a meetup group or host a lunch and learn. Create opportunities for your team to develop their skills whilst engaging without external talent.
  6. Be consistent. Its no use starting an employer branding campaign if it falls by the wayside. If you are a small business then “document don’t create” people are attracted to honesty, document something that happened that week either in your business world or specifically in your business that is interesting. Your creativity is the only limiting factor.
  7. Make employer branding everyone’s responsibility. Share the burden. Encourage staff to share or post about your company.

Whether you consider yourself a brand, you are one. Whether you want to produce content for potential employees those potential employees will review you via any content they can see. Make that content honest and interesting. If you get this right you won’t have extended times to hire as you will already have some engagement with interested parties. You won’t have to engage recruiter as you will be able to utilise your existing communications. If you do need to utilise recruiters they will have a better pitch to prospective candidates.  Embrace employer branding as something fun, something you can use to create a more inclusive company.


I am always happy to review your companies employer branding. I offer a free employer branding audit which makes suggestions for improvement specific to your company and sector. I also focus on how to achieve regular content production and distribution with the least disruption.