Applicant tracking systems are important for businesses. Despite some of the complications introduced after GDPR it is essential that any ambitious and growing business has an applicant tracking system or at least a decent repository/database for candidates who have expressed an interest in working for their business. There is one glaring issue that I have with them and something I feel it is important to consider – nobody wants to repeat themselves.

Yesterday I was submitting a CV to a large corporate client. They need to ensure they have all the data they require to make an informed choice and this I understand however the system was set up so I was required to fill in every job the candidates had ever worked, I was required to add line by line their educational experience,  I was asked to upload a CV.

THE CV CONTAINS ALL OF THE INFORMATION I HAVE JUST SUBMITTED (angry capitals moment). You could argue that as a recruiter it is my job. I would say my role is to identify and attract talent to your business not to waste time to submit the same data twice. I asked the HR team if the backend I was submitting to was the same portal that direct applicants had to use. it was.

Candidates are customers to your business. Any digital marketing person worth their salt, any UX designer will tell you that the key to a sale is removing all friction points between the customer reaching the site to them paying for their goods and services. This double entry is a waste of that person time. Either ask for a CV or ask for the information separately, don’t ask for both. My experience yesterday was with a very well known portal that is widely used but it’s not lone in its set up. I would urge any business owners out there to look at their candidates “customer journey”. A busy top-tier candidate could very well decide they don’t have the time to submit to your process and you lose them as a candidate, at the very least they may feel they don’t have time today to apply, or within their lunch hour and by the end of the week they have forgotten about your role. I know I will get pushback from clients or hiring managers that will argue that the people that they want are the people passionate to see the process through but that is simply an ignorant and arrogant view – the best talent is an economy scarce on talent has many options they do not need you, they might not even know you as a business and this is their first experience of you – a time-wasting, laborious and badly thought out process. To think people.

Treat your candidates as customers period.