At FinPro we are continuingly looking for ways to improve our service and offer our clients better ways of uncovering hidden talent. Often this is simply looking at new technologies, new databases, new advertising platforms that may improve our ability to reach talent on their behalf. Often recruitment changes incrementally and as such we as a business are trying to make marginal gains on the behalf of our clients.

Marginal games in recruitment can be very expensive, certainly, they can be expensive to trial. Every recruitment company owner or HR team has invested in some platform or system that has failed to deliver anything but a large invoice. FinPro is no different. We have tried things and they have failed to deliver the gains we have expected but we will always try new things to and when we succeed we will adopt them into our offering so these successes can be shared with our clients.  In the past year, we have trialed something less incremental and more structural in the core of how we work with our clients that have been highly successful. We have offered an onsite, on-demand model.

Onsite On-Demand

For many years large corporate clients have operated with onsite recruitment team. Onsite teams are either employed directly by the company or they are provided by one of the large recruitment process outsourcing providers such as Alexander Mann Solutions or Future Step. These models offer reduced overall cost and reduced time to hire however they are very expensive and only suitable for enterprise-level clients. The model often relies upon yearly contracts and offers very little for the SME business market. We wanted to offer the same service to SME clients. SME clients often go through growth bursts either as a result of increased revenue, new client wins or outside investment that allow them to recruit at scale.

Often there is no recruitment infrastructure for SME businesses, no leader to drive recruitment and no process or procedures. Recruitment is time-consuming and can be incredibly disruptive even if the recruitment itself is symbolic of a very positive time for the business. Recruitment agencies/consultancies can offer a solution to this and provide support in exactly this situation however the current model of recruitment enumeration can make bulk hiring or project based hiring very expensive and place significant demands on cash flow at a critical time. We wanted to offer a service that helped clients overcome this issue. We have been offering an onsite – on-demand model.

  • we work onsite as a member of your team and take full responsibility for your recruitment.
  • We build and execute a resourcing strategy: Advertising, Social Media, Database access and Headhunting
  • As part of your team, we get to understand what people make you successful  so we can attract the people that will work best as part of your team
  • We work on a fixed cost model with no additional fees for successful placements
  • We work with you to design a robust recruitment model and employer branding strategy so even when we leave you are better positioned to recruit in the future
  • With this model, we see reduced time to higher and recruitment cost reduced by as much as 65% of the traditional model.

As a business FinPro will be adopting this onsite recruitment model to more clients. We believe it offers better value and is how most clients would see better ROI for their recruitment spend. The new website and branding have been timed to reflect this. We will be producing much more content over the coming weeks and month that reflects our new approach. Feel free to get in touch to see how we might be able to save you time and money with our new model contact: for further information